First impressions are everything when it comes to your online store.

A professional and modern-looking website is more likely to gain the trust of shoppers who may otherwise be wary of unorganized or poorly assembled retail sites. At Web Concepts Media, we have everything you need to build a beautiful digital storefront with unique features that set you apart from the competition.

We offer user-friendly navigation and design elements that keep your eCommerce site as clutter-free as possible. Users can browse through your site in an organized way and find all of the information they need at any time. In addition, we work hard to keep your layout and color scheme consistent throughout the site and in alignment with your brand image. This eliminates confusion for the user and gives them confidence that they are shopping with a trustworthy source.

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Product Promotion

When shoppers click on a product page, they should have access to additional information about that specific product. We can help you create clear and concise product pages that include information about the product, its price, specifications, and reviews. Once the product is added to a shopper’s cart, we can also create a recommended list of related or similar products that users may be interested in.

This is a subtle form of up-selling that can increase your average sales transaction amount and generate greater revenue for your business. Likewise, we can also implement social media sharing features on product pages or at the end of the check-out process when customers opt to share their purchase with friends.

Special features

There are certain special features that improve the functionality of your website, as well as the user experience. For example, product filtering options allow shoppers to quickly sort through your product offerings according to certain specifications, such as size, price, gender, color, or some other feature that you specify. You may also wish to include out-of-stock notices that let customers know when a particular item is back in stock.

Another option is to generate pop-up coupon incentives, which offer a discount to customers who complete certain actions, such as “sharing” a particular product or subscribing to an email list.


Regardless of how great your product is, you are less likely to attract return business if your check-out process is confusing or chaotic. We can help you create an eCommerce website that has a constantly visible shopping cart that can be used to check-out at any time from any place on the website. We will implement strong calls to action with bold “check-out” and “submit payment” buttons. We can even create an option to save an item for later if a customer is not yet ready to make a particular purchase.

When customers are ready to make a payment, we can help you include your choice of flat-rate shipping charges or calculated shipping charges. Payment is also integrated directly into the website, and a payment confirmation and subsequent email can be provided once the transaction is complete.

Site Management and Data

Your web store does not need to work only for the customer, but also for you. Site management and data generation should be as simple as possible – not a burdensome chore. At Web Concepts Media, we offer reliable backend elements to help you evaluate, grow, and improve your business. We offer special features like:

  • Meta data control and customization
  • An automated sitemap.xml file
  • Code modifications and editing
  • Third-party code implementation (i.e. Google Analytics tracking)
  • Simple site management dashboard
  • Inventory tracking
  • Sales and performance data

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15 Requirements for E-Commerce Websites

Tried and true e-commerce site builders know the drill: A site must have several features if it is to produce high conversion rates and establish a loyal customer base. Whether you are planning build a new site or you are struggling with an e-commerce site that is up and running, there are certain issues you need to consider when planning an effective design. Read through our list of 15 must-have qualities to increase the number of online shoppers who land on your site and convert.

  • Ease of Use
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Social Proof
  • User-Generated Reviews
  • High-Resolution Photos and Videos
  • Special Offers
  • Related Items
  • Find in Store
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Wish Lists
  • Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page
  • Advanced Payment Options
  • Security Features
  • Detailed Shipping Information
  • Return Policy

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Choose from 4 different themes
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small business

ecommerce package

Choose from 4 different themes
Tweak with your brand colors
Store with standanrd featurs
Ready in 2 Weeks
Assistance with product setup
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