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No matter what device your visitors use, Responsive Website Design ensures their engagement. It's what developers use to make sure your content flows like water across multiple devices.

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What is responsive web Design (RWD)?

Today, nearly everyone uses a mobile device for online search and activity. That's why it's essential that your website displays effortlessly across numerous platforms, adapting to different screens and devices. Our developers know this, therefore we always apply the best coding practices, structuring your website with CSS and HTML so that it fits desktops, laptops, tablets, and especially smart phones.

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Tips to design responsively

Design websites “Mobile First”. Viewing websites from a mobile device has overtaken views from desktop computers. However, it is important that the design is not solely focused for small screens that it is instead designed to be responsive to all screen sizes, both large and small.

Context is another factor to consider. Design your responsive website to consider your users’ needs and provide content that is most relevant to your customers.

Website navigation menus should be clear and user friendly across all screen sizes.

Eliminate unnecessary content or images for mobile device design. While having many photos looks attractive on a desktop design, on a mobile device it may take up space that more relevant content should be occupying.

Use icons, when appropriate, to replace lengthy text. This also helps increase website responsiveness across multiple screen sizes, since icons take up very little space.

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Take a look at our responsive design portfolio to see the differences between a responsive and non-responsive website design.


At Web Concepts Media, we utilize a powerhouse of experts to ensure every piece of your website works in a fluid, dynamic, user-friendly way. We always consider the needs of your website users. We design websites for optimal responsiveness utilizing the "Mobile First" approach. Having successfully provided thousands of custom websites to a variety of businesses, we confidently deliver the best solutions.

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